Futuristic Pathology

Introducing I-Path, an intelligent solution in the journey of Pathological tests.

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Why the Intelligent Pathology

In this techno-prone busy world, the Pathological test process needs updating, the one which could cope up with the present scenario. And here we are with the concept of I-path laboratories.

  • Saves time: Today, time is the most precious thing for us.
  • Tests without prescription: Prior to the doctor's visit.
  • Tests with the prescription: Just upload a prescription and the rest is taken care of.
  • Pre-defined packages: All standard pre-defined packages.
  • Beneficiaries: Easy Booking for you & your family members.

What janchwala offers

You can book an appointment with us over the phone or online. Our well qualified and experienced technician will be there at the comfort of your home. He will collect the sample for pathological tests and other necessary Diagnostic examination. You can also visit our collection center and give samples.

Lab tests

We have a wide variety of tests for almost every health condition.


Here you will get the pre-defined packages of various interrelated tests.


You will get the tests and pre-configured packages category wise.


You can add as many beneficiaries as you want for a test.

Featured Tests




HsCRP High Sensitivity...






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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How janchwala works?

    First, you book an appointment online, post which, the lab technician will reach your home/office at a preferred time for free sample collection. In addition, you will also be able to receive their reports in a digital format online, besides getting the hard copy as well.

  • One or more of the tests asked may be cancelled by the laboratory due to clinical / technical reasons. You will receive information about the same on email and SMS. In such case, our service provider shall be advised to collect the fresh specimen and process the unreported test(s) free of cost. You are requested to coordinate for re-collection of sample. If the booking included home service, then recollection of sample will be done at the centre only and the beneficiary is advised to visit during working hours (in fasting condition if necessary).

  • The technicians deputed by the service provider for specimen collection are adequately qualified and also would have experience in this field.

  • If any preventive healthcare package is required to be done, it does not need doctor's prescription. However in case of any illness, the patient is advised to consult with their physician before making any booking.

  • Once the samples are collected, including transit time, the laboratory will take anywhere between 3-5 days time for reporting, depending on your location. Once the results are released by the laboratory you will receive reports in a digital format online instantly, besides getting the hard copy as well.

  • Some of the tests require that the beneficiary is on fast for 10-12 hours before the sample collection is done. During fasting, no food or beverages are to be consumed by the beneficiary. Only water is permitted. If fasting is not followed, then the results for some of the tests would be affected.

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