Why the Intelligent Pathology (I-Path) lab should be a demand of the day?

In this techno-prone busy world, the Pathological test process needs updating, the one which could cope up with the present scenario. And here we are with the concept of I-path laboratories. To bolster the idea, why it is in increasing demand is paraphrased below.

Saves time: In the hustle and bustle of day to day life, time is the most precious thing for each and every one of us. The biggest challenge an individual has to face is to take out time, be it for your near and dear ones or one’s own self. Amidst this state of affairs, spending the whole day in a health care center or hospital becomes a daunting task. Usually, it starts with waiting in a queue to get your sample collected, again a visit is needed to get the reports, and then a visit to the doctor to show the reports. In this modern world, something better has to be adopted. Our state of the art centers with the latest equipment and inventive facilities identify and bridge this gap.

I-path labs are the technology advancements where these services are conveniently delivered at your doorstep. You just need to book an appointment through our system and a competent technician would be right at your door at the scheduled time for sample collection. You will receive the reports via mail or message or if required they are made available in the printed format and sent to the said address. Moreover, it is directly sent to your doctor in a user-friendly manner. The doctor may respond using our system.

Tests with the prescription: For this feature, you just need to upload a prescription and the rest is taken care of by janchwala.com. Our professionals are well-trained and know how to get the job done.

Pre-defined packages: We provide many pre-defined packages. These packages are prepared to keep in mind the condition and ailment of the patient. Relevant tests are grouped together to make a package. Like, there are a number of tests grouped under a category for those suffering from cardiac-related issues.

Beneficiaries: Not only for yourself but you can also book for your family members and friends.

What janchwala has for its clients...

You can book an appointment with us over the phone or online. Our well qualified and experienced technician will be there at the comfort of your home. He will collect the sample for pathological tests and other necessary Diagnostic examination. You can also visit our collection center and give samples.

Lab tests We have a wide variety of tests for almost every health condition. Just search for the test you want. Additional features:

  • You will get an overview of what the test is all about.
  • The sample type will be specified. It means you will come to know if the technician wants your blood, urine, or any other specimen.
  • There is the precaution section which focuses on the special preparation required before the test.
  • A list of frequently booked tests will be displayed on the side in case the patient needs any guidance.
  • You can choose the time for the test. Also, use the location option to view if the required test is available at your preferred location.
  • You can also choose yourself the tests categorized as:
    • Disease/Condition
    • Health Risk-areas
    • Organ wise

Packages Here you will get the pre-defined packages of various interrelated tests. Additional features:

  • Overview of the tests included in the selected package is also provided. Like what the package is all about.
  • The precaution section focuses on the special preparations required before a particular test.
  • A list of various tests included in the package will be displayed.
  • Packages could be sorted in either of the two ways:
    • Alphabetically (A-Z or vice versa)
    • Pricing (Ascending and Descending)
  • Additional information helps you by digging a little deeper and providing you with some in-depth study.

Categories: For the categories such as fatigue, loss of weight, hypertension...You will get the tests and pre-configured packages of various interrelated tests category wise.

  • Choose the category as you wish.
  • A list of tests and packages will appear according to the chosen category.
  • This will also display the recommended test for the patients falling under that category.
  • You can view the details of a test or package listed by simply clicking on details.


  • You can add as many beneficiaries as you want for a particular package or test.
  • There are two ways to add beneficiaries:
    • Through dropdown menu: If you want to add a single person as a beneficiary.
    • Through multiple selections: This helps you in addingmore than one person as beneficiaries.
  • You can add a new beneficiary if it's not already present. To add a new beneficiary you need to enter these fields:
    • Name
    • Gender
    • Age
    • Contact detail (if different)