How can you book a test with us?

Booking an appointment can be done in a user-friendly manner. Just a few clicks and you are done. Following the common procedure:

  • Log-in to the site.
  • Look for the tests/package you want.
  • While booking you need to provide your essential details like name, age, address...
  • Select the required date and time for sample collection or seek an appointment for in personal visit.
  • Then, you will have the sample collected.
  • After that, you will receive the results of the particular test done through mail, WhatsApp, or through a paper report.

Test with the prescription

If you want to book a particular test based upon prescription. Just follow these simple steps.

  • Login with your registered id.
  • Click to upload a prescription.
  • The patient has to fill in some data including the user’s name, address, contact number, and e-mail id.
  • Confirm the order.